Drehleier- Camp in Polen
Die zweite Ausgabe der Akademie der Wandernen Musikern wird am 25-30 August 2013 stattfinden und wird von dem Festival NarolArte begleitet. Die Polnische Drehleier trifft Ukrainische, Ungarische Und Spanische Derehleier Und die Maultrommel.

Mehr Informationen auf Polnisch Und Englisch hier: http://www.tyndyryndy.blogspot.com

Das Programm auf Englisch auch hier:

The second edition of the Travelling Musicians Academy will be held on 25-30 August, and will be accompanied by the Festival NarolArte. The concert program will be announced soon on the website of the Foundation Pro Academia Narolense. And in the Academy:
1. Singing workshop - Polish traditional songs with Ewa Grochowska and Janina Kowalczuk from Grabowica village.
2. Singing workshop - Ukrainian traditional songs (Galizia, Pidlaszszia) with Yuri Pastuszenko
3. Ukrainian singing workshop with the hurdy-gurdy - psalms and chants - Natalia Serbina (Kiev),
4. Polish singing works hop with the hurdy-gurdy - ballads - Jacek Hałas and Zofia Sulikowska from Wojsławice village (Chelm) - in the workshop can be taken part of a lyre or without
5. Spanish Hurdy- Gurdy wWorkshops - Oscar Fernandez (Spanish Galicia, the first workshop on Sunday, 25.08, last 29.08
6. Hungarian hurdy-gurdy Workshop - Béla Szerényi (Hungary, musician and hurdy-gurdy builder)
7. Works hops: traditional techniques of playing the Jew’s harp - Áron Szilágyi (Hungarian, workshop lasts three days,
8. Monday to Wednesday 26.08-28.08 film animation workshops, primarily for young people from 12 years in the two groups, leading Marta Stróżycka (http://www.poklatkowo.pl)

FESTIVAL CLUB- concerts and other events
Sunday, 25. August
concert "On Sunday after lunch" including Janina Kovalchuk, Natalia Serbina [Great church in Wola, 15.30]
Monday, 26. August
Family Pass Theatre presentation of Jacek Hałas "Clock beats" [former church on Krupiec, 19.30]
Wednesday, 28. August
concert " Hurdy-Gurdy of the East and the West" - Oscar Fernandez (Spain), Béla Szerényi (Hungary), Marcel Kováts (Slovakia), the group L'arrache-coeur with Daniel Kahuda (Czech Republic), run by Jacek Hałas [28 August, Wednesday, old church on Krupcu, 19.30], Festival Club - Workshop presentation of Jew’s Harp group by Aron Szilagyi
Thursday, 29 August
Festival Club: Presentation of workshop groups Oscar Fernandez and Jacek Halas
Friday, 30. August
16.00 - Natalia Serbiny lecture and workshop presentation singing groups
21.30 Festival Club - cont. presentation of the workshop groups
Street singing in Narol, unveiling the mural by Czarli Bajka
daily dancing-Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak, French, and Spanish, among others, Platypus Band of Brothers Woli Destymflandzkiej, Niwińscy band, Hałas Family band, L'Arrache-coeur, Bela Szerenyi, Marcel Kováts, Aron Szilagyi and unexpected guests Smile [Festival Club, daily 21.30, Restaurant Sakra]
will be held in parallel NarolArte Festival - concert program will be announced soon

>>>>Educational Session " Hurdy Gurdy of the east and west of foreign guests - Marcel Kováts, Bela Szerenyi, Oscar Fernandez, Daniel Kahuda, Natalia Serbina [this year in the form of individual lectures, place: Sakra, h. 16.00]

>>>>WHERE? Workshops will be held at the local school and the Municipal Cultural Center, a concert in the former Greek-Catholic church in Krupcu and the Great church in Wola, dances and a workshop presentation at the Festival Club (Restaurant Sakra in the Square Market), Friday lecture will be held together with the presentation of the workshop singing groups

Price ticket until July 15:
-360 zł/100 euro - participation in two works hops in the time: 10.00-13.30 (with a break) and 16.00-18.00 + participation Festival Club + talks + AMW- live Travelling Musicians Academy, at a discount for young people to 18 years - 200 zł/60 euro - 260 euro zł/70 - attend one workshop + Club + talks + concerts
-AMW- Travelling musician Academy-a discount for youth up to to 18 years - 140 zł/40 accreditation euro - 100 euro zł/25 - participation in the concerts, the Festival Club, ascientific session, 1 workshop selected as an observer
- evening pass for the entire festival- admission to the Festival Club + Concerts + lectures AMW - 60 zł / 15 euro
NOTE: From July 15 prices will be higher, respectively 360> 400 zł (200> 220 PLN), 260> 290zł (140> 150)

AMW is an intensive course designed especially for those who have already learned the basics of music ( Through heating or / and notes). Workshop groups are by definition small, up to 10 people. Care of young children can be organized according to your needs, do not expect special classes for young children.

Narol – School: 10 zł. mattress + canoeing, own sleeping bag.
Accommodation cottages outside Narol (approx. 3-7 miles) at a price of 30-35 zł, possibility to order breakfast.
Tent on private property with the possibility to use the kitchen and bathroom 10 zł.

1) Breakfast (5 zł) and lunch (15 zł) in the school canteen
2) Dinner in the restaurant Sakra, which is a festival club - price 15 zł
You can order the whole board (35 zł) or some meals;
REGISTRATION: tyndy12@wp.pl, contact Tel: 502 221 446, 608 804 051, 604 754 377, 697 387 670

>>>>>PAYMENT: Foundation Numinosum, ul. Podleśna 19a, 05-152 Czosnów, account number 66 1140 2017 0000 4202 1291 2296 (in full or deposit 50% reported for the June 30 payment date July 15, the reported after July 1 payment deadline to 15 August)

08.30-10.00 Breakfast
10.30-13.30 singing workshops Polish / Ukrainian singing / singing with Polish hurdy gurdy / Hungarian hurdy gurdy/ Spanish Hurdy gurdy/ animation film # 1
14.00-16.00 lunch
16.00-18.00 lecture / workshop animation film 2/Jew’s harp workshop / singing with Ukrainian Hurdy Gurdy
18.00-19.30 Dinner
19.30-21.00 concert
21.30-01.30 festival club - Presentations / Dance house

(NOTE! workshop timings might change)
Film from last year (in Polish):

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